The EDB Society joins the nation to mourn the passing of our Founding Prime Minister and world statesman MR LEE KUAN YEW on 23 March 2015.

The President and Members of our Society posted a tribute to Mr Lee on the recommended website www.rememberingleekuanyew.sg. Members also joined fellow Singaporeans to pay their respects and sign the condolence book.

This is our Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew:

The EDB Society is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Mr Lee's principles and drive, his single mindedness and tenacity, together with his vision of achieving and acquiring the best from all corners of the world for his people, have made Singapore what it is today, and will be, tomorrow. His legacy is timeless and cherished by all.

The EDB Society, many of whose Members have had the privilege and honour to serve under Mr Lee, joins the nation in mourning and expresses our condolences to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and family. We treasure Mr Lee's motivational message in Heart Work (2002): "To overcome the unexpected challenges in a fast-changing world, the gung-ho "can do" spirit that has animated the EDB from its earliest days must be kept alive."

By Lee Suan Hiang (President) and Members of the EDB Society.